Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Those look like comfortable shoes

A nice lady said that to me after my run in the vibrams today. I smiled and tried really, really hard not to break into a monologue from Forrest Gump. In reality I said they were and I really enjoyed running in them. Her raised eyebrows told me I had stepped into TMI/you must be nuts zone.
The second run in my vibrams was on the sidewalk by my work. This little 4km loop takes me on some rather rolling hills, but it also gave me the perfect opportunity to head back early if the run didn't turn out well. As with my first run my legs immediately fell directly under my hips and my stride shortened, but my overall pace wasn't really affected which was great. I felt the sidewalk, but the little bumps were cushioned enough but the thin rubber sole that it wasn't a bother. I was able to relax into my run better this time since I wasn't constantly watching for large pebbles. Overall I was really pleased with how these vibrams are working out. I might even work them into a regular run next week if my calves recover well after today's adventures.

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