Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My first run with my new Vibram Five Finger shoes was beyond expectation. I decided the best place for me to try them out was on a trail system that had varied terrain consisting of fine gravel, larger gravel pieces, tree needles and dirt. The idea was to minimize the shock to my legs. I set my watch for 30 minutes and off I went, I immediately noticed how my legs fell directly under my hips and my stride shortened. I felt like I was standing much taller than I usually do.
As I powered up small inclines and carefully watched my footing as I went down declines I passed alot of people going to and from the adjoining lake. I heard a few say something along the lines of "what's that on her feet" as my bright neon-purple vibrams and I came cruising past. I felt more in touch with my surroundings and I noticed how much quieter my run sounded. I even think I sneaked up on a squirrel as he was munching on a leaf and as I came within a half meter he jumped and ran for a hole. I didn't feel as much as an intruder to their territory.
I told myself to take this run easy, that pushing the pace would only hurt my calves, but it was just so simply liberating to feel the ground under you as you run that I found myself only taking breaks after I ran out of breath.
I can't wait for tomorrow's run!

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