Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Splish-Splash!! My First Pool Running Experience

I've been cross training using a modified version of P90X. That's been okay, but it's not running. Not even a little bit. So this morning I worked it out with my hubby that I would ride the bus in early and get in some pool time before work. I used to swim competitively as a kid, so I started off my doing laps for 30 minutes ( I figured, go with what you know). I alternated doing 4 laps front crawl, with two "recovery" laps doing the breast stroke. By the end of the workout I was getting back into my swim form, so that felt really nice.
Then I tried pool running. My first lesson was in water depth. I figured the kiddie pool would be plenty deep-nope. My feet touched the bottom and I just felt silly trying to make it work. So I hopped out and jumped into the big pool, careful not to get into any "serious" swimmer's way. That worked out MUCH better. I had to adjust my floatation belt-it was too loose to start, it kept riding up my back. But once I cinched it up I was good to go. I worked on pumping my arms and driving my legs up and down. It wasn't real running, but for short moments it felt close! I did about 10 laps of the pool, inching my way up and down slowly ( a total of 30 minutes pool running). Everyone else around me would sneak a peak at what the heck I was doing but they all left me alone to do my pool running thing. I didn't get out of breath or anything even close, but my arms and my legs feel like they got a good workout for the first time in two weeks so that was a real bonus to my mental state. After I took 5 minutes and vegged out in the warm water of the kiddie pool, just letting each muscle group relax. Ah, bliss. I may just try that again in the next few days. It was a lovely way to start the day if you've gotta wear the vader bootie!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sidelined for 5 weeks

For weeks I knew something was wrong. I kept running and the pain on the top of my foot got worse and worse. Eventually some of my toes lost feeling and I would get an electrical shock when I shifted weight. I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor for xrays two weeks ago. She said there wasn't anything wrong and sent me off to the orthopedic specialist to investigate further. His diagnosis was that it was indeed a stress fracture in my second metatarsal and the treatment is my very own darth vader bootie. It even hisses and whooshs air as I walk.
As running takes a back seat to cross training for the next 5 weeks I see how much running has invaded my life. My bedside table is loaded with running books, magazines and the charger for the Garmin. My running clothes sit piled neatly on the chair beside my bed. My iPod is organized by race playlist. Running magazines sit in almost every room for easy access. Even the hair ties on my dresser are even the non-slip kind for sports.
I will say my crankiness factor is pretty good for being a week removed from running. I've searched out the easiest and cheapest swimming pool in the city for tomorrow's workout. I think that will be my saviour for the next few weeks.