Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Vibram Run with My Running Group

The runners I run with on Monday and Wednesdays are an awesome group of people. We all work together in the same office but our paths rarely meet lately for one reason or another, so before last night's run I happened to mention to one of them that I'd be doing the group run in my new Vibrams. She had seen a news piece on them a few weeks ago so she knew what they were, but she seemed surprised that I was running in them. She was pretty curious about them and how they worked while running, so I was extra excited to show off my new shoes and running form when we would all meet later on.
I was late to the meeting spot, but the group knew it was me coming up the road because I was the one "who looked like she was running barefoot." I smiled and posed with my new shoes. The next moment we were off and running around the two lakes frequented by alot of runners. It was hot and muggy but it was fun to be out running with a group again. I was happy to see that I was able to keep up with the group without any issues, especially when I saw the pace we were doing was 30 seconds faster than I normally run!
We all chatted about work and running gadgets for awhile and we eventually hit a huge hill and I had to stop and walk for a second to let my heart rate go down. When I caught up one person said "We heard your little pixie feet coming and figured you were catching up." Pixie feet. I think that's a pretty appropriate name for running like this. You land softly, make a kind of pitter-patter on the asphalt and your leg turnover is super fast-especially on the downhills for me.
Overall it was a great run, I continued on after the group had gone their separate ways to head home, another 10kms. I'm pleased to report that my feet and my Vibrams held up well for a total run of 19kms!

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