Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vibrams take to the Track

My vibram adventure took me to the indoor track today. The humidity outside was just too much at lunchtime so I opted for the nice air conditioned ice rink indoor track beside my work.
I have been finding my motivation to run waning a bit in the last 2 weeks. Could it be my summer vacation last week? The humidity? The idea of running a fall marathon? No, I think my real problem is much simpler than all that. I'd rather be running in my vibrams and running in anything else just doesn't sound as fun anymore. A month ago I would have thought that notion was totally nuts, but here I am, day after day looking at my vibrams and wanting to run in them rather than my regular running shoes. I think I might have become converted.
Today's run was my longest in the vibrams yet; 7km. I did try to take it easy by walking the last 200 meters of each kilometer but I will confess as well that I snuck in some very speedy sprints in the middle (to see how it felt). My calves were a bit tight towards the end of the run but overall I was able to run pretty close to my standard pace throughout. I feel alot faster when I run in the vibrams, but I can tell from my breathing that I'm not actually running any faster. I still haven't figured out why that is yet.
I have had a few people comment on my vibrams but I still haven't seem anyone else out training in them. I think if I do I will have to stop and chat with them so I can share my love for the minimalist way :-)) Hopefully whoever it is doesn't mind pausing their own run!

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