Monday, August 9, 2010

Dragging my Daughter Into It

Yesterday I gave my Vibrams the ultimate test; make it through my Sunday 12-15km run with my daughter (30+lbs) in the jogging stroller. My vibrams smiled up at me and I figured out a loop that I could cut short if this little experiment didn't go well.
My daughter hopped in the jogging stroller along with her baby doll, sooky blanket and five mini barbie dolls, along with the standard supplies of cookies, blueberries, juice (for her) and water (for both of us). All in all the stroller probably weighs about 50 pounds when everything and everybody is snug inside. I usually find it a great upper body and quad workout and a great way to spend some private time with my daughter doing something I love.
As we rolled along the quiet streets she and I chatted as usual until I began to run. I didn't really notice any major difference in my running. My feet felt fine, despite the extra weight and I cruised along at a pretty good tempo. Once I start to run my daughter switches into humming/random song singing. I can get any combo of row-row your boat, to part of a pop song she heard on the radio to some crazy song she decides to make up on the spot (by the way-she's 3). I find her songs pretty entertaining. For a few runs I hadn't realized she was doing it until strangers started laughing and I would take off my earbuds to hear her yelling out nursery rhymes. Nowadays I just leave my Ipod at home when I run with her.
Once we approached the downtown part of the village there were alot more runners out and about. My daughter would point out each one and let me know if they were running fast or slow in her opinion. One girl seemed very determined not to get passed by us as we came along, but in the end we went cruising by during one of her walk breaks. I think I heard her say "seriously?" when she saw my Vibrams.
Overall it was a great run. My daughter got her customary 12km run in with mom, her standard ice cream cone and joe louis cake and I got in an awesome run in my Vibrams with the most beautiful girl in the world singing me background music!

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