Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Running Around

I had a great couple of runs yesterday. In the morning I went out before work, hoping to get in a nice 10k run in my vibrams, but my lazy bones could not get out of bed in time. Alas, I had to settle for 8k. The best part of my run was running with so many other people out on the road. Usually I'm lucky if I see one other runner at 6am, but yesterday I passed 5, which was some kind of record. Then after work, it was such a beautiful sunny day I couldn't keep my mind from thinking what a great way to wrap up the day then to run in the park near my work. So I knocked off a few minutes early and dashed out the door to hit the trails. I managed to have a fight with my new Garmin watch over wether or not I was in fact outdoors, but I did manage that last 2k I had missed in the morning and got to run through some beuatiful flower beds that had little paths running behind each row.
Today I expected to be sore from all that running around and varied terrain, but I feel fine. My husband, Rich, was grumbling how I seem to love my vibrams but I also seem to be more sore than ever after running in them. I've tried to explain that it's like starting over again in running and I'm not experiencing any pain that I truly didn't expect to feel now that I'm actually using my calf muscles they way they were meant to be used. I understand he doesn't want to see me in discomfort, but I know that the way things are going I should adapt to the new stress on those muscles in a couple of weeks. He's ordered his own pair of Vibrams, so I'm sure he'll understand what I'm talking about soon ;-)
Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!

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