Monday, August 18, 2014

The HM Project: Days 6 & 7

Day 6 was my rest day. It certainly didn't feel very restful though between a soccer tournament, school supply shopping, canvas mending (for our pop up camper), and new outdoor patio set assembling! But in the end all of our little tasks got accomplished which paved the way for a more restful Sunday, right after my long run and one more soccer game. The long run on Sunday was short by my usual standards, but it was also nice not to be out there for 2+ hours for one weekend. I grabbed the dog (Peanut is up to about 7 miles now), then we headed out to the "Moose" in Cow Bay. There were alot of cyclists but just one other runner out on the country road. I got to enjoy the gorgeous view of the ocean for the last 2 miles before our turnaround while Peanut enjoyed showing off for all the yelping dogs stuck behind fences as we passed. This week isn't too tough. Today and Wednesday I've got 3 miles + strength workouts to do, and tomorrow is a speed work session consisting of 7x400 meters at 5k race pace. Depending on the weather I'll decide if I'm going to do the repeats at the indoor track or the old outdoor track next door. Then Thursday is a 45 minute tempo run, another 3 miler set for Friday and a 90 minute "long" run set for Saturday while we're camping in Merigomish with my husband's family/my in-laws. I'm looking forward to the Merigomish long run, I'm going to do a bit of Google map scouting to see what sort of trails might be close. My expectations aren't too high though, I expect to plod along a country road for this one. Well, with coffee in hand, let's get this week started! Have a good one!

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