Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The HM Project: Day Two - bring on dee Hills!

Well yesterday is in the bag. Whew. My 3 mile run was pretty hot and humid and I had a slight tight spot in my right calf, but I made it through the 3 miles, and hey, I even increased my pace at the end..although I could have just been glad it was almost over. Then after getting supper and laundry started (yup-multi-tasker right here) I did the P90X chest and arms routine and had a moment of self-discovery: I hate pushups. Oh my god I hate push ups. I tried to do them quickly but they still burn and hurt and all that and eventually I was doing the military pushups on my knees-my KNEES! But, I sucked it up and got through that workout too. Today I've got 6 miles with hills thrown in. I'm not a fan of hills but they are like medicine, it works wonders if you actually take it. Six miles though is a bit tricky with my schedule, so this one is going to need to be broken up into two parts. The first part will be 2 miles of flat running followed by 400 meters of hills as many times as I can before I need to pick up my daughter from camp at 4:30, then finish off any remaining distance with the dog once I get back home and have finished making supper-Taco Tuesday anyone-and before heading off to soccer practice for 6:45. Yeah, thankfully there are only a few more soccer practices so Tuesdays and Thursdays won't be so crazy in a week's time. My eating plan went great...until about 10:30pm last night when my husband offered me half of a Mars bar. I could come up with really good excuses-I was under my calorie goal! I had just heard that Robin Williams died! I had just woke up from a couch nap and was delirious! But no, it was a lack of will-power that did me in..and the three chocolate chip cookies that followed. Damn it! Ah well, I'm getting too old to really beat myself up about it for very long, so today is a new day and tonight I will try harder to have more will power-or just head to bed earlier, we'll see what works. So 6 miles of hills and avoiding chocolate chip cookies and Mars bars, yup, that sounds like a plan. Tuesday here I come.

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