Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The HM Project: Day Three

It was a wee bit tough to get up this morning. My arms still hurt from Monday's pushups and my legs were tired from yesterday's hill workout. But-I got 'er done! My 6 miler (in three parts) went pretty darn well yesterday. My legs were sluggish for the first mile but after that it wasn't an issue. I managed to squeeze in half of my hill repeats before picking up my daughter from day camp, and then dragged her over to the park to finish off the last three. She was awesome. She practiced her own gymnastics routine while I ran up and down a dirt hill, giving me "Go Mommy GO" with each turnaround. It was too cute and made my repeats a little bit easier knowing I had a little cheerleader waiting for me. Then she and I went over to the playground where she amazed me with her monkey-bar climbing ability (I could never do the monkey bars as a kid, but Han was quick to offer me advice on how to do it correctly lol). After that it was back home to make tacos for supper and a quick 2 miler with the dog to round off the 6 miles. It felt like I'd been running for hours, splitting it up that way, but sometimes you have to fit in fitness where and when you can. (Insert soapbox here). And that's what drives me crazy about people who throw up their hands and say "Oh I just don't have time to exercise." Really? I mean, seriously, really? I don't always have a nice 2-hour block to fit in a solid workout, but, like yesterday, I just changed into my running clothes and did what I could when I could. I could have not done the 3 mile run-commute in favor of sitting on a bus and playing candy crush. I could have picked up my daughter and went straight home so I could watch tv for 15 minutes before getting ready for her soccer practice, and skipped walking the dog. But instead I got out there and I got to see my daughter being supportive and having fun and our dog got in a good run after being couped up in the house all day. Not only I benefitted, but my child and the family pet did as well. Now who shouldn't make time for that? (Soapbox moment over, thanks for your patience ;-) I've got a repeat of Monday's workout. A 3 miler (my run commute) and a strength session. I think I'll shy away from the pushups today in favor of one of the other P90X workouts, I have between now and tonight to figure out which one. As for my eating plan. Yesterday went slightly better than Monday but I still have improvements to make so I'm not carb-binging at 11pm...but I'll get there. Okay, so onward and upward, have fun out there today!

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