Thursday, August 14, 2014

The HM Project: Day Four

Today's workout is a 40 minute run. Ahh. That sounds like a piece of cake after the first three days of this program lol (hmmmm....cake....moving on!). I'm assuming since the description consisted of simply "40 minute run" that there isn't any specific speed I should be aiming for and I should treat this one as a recovery run, which is what I'm going to do. Besides, it looks like it's going to rain out there so 40 minutes in the rain, regardless of speed, is good enough for me. Yesterday's 3 miler went really well. I was surprised how fresh my legs felt after the previous days' training. I tried a new route, aiming to hit a small trail but when I got there the trail was blocked off for repairs. Ugh. So I improvised and went to another trail that was nice and shaded from the afternoon sun. Once I picked up Han from day camp 3 miles later, we headed home for supper and laundry-last night was chicken and pasta-while I did a mini strength workout. Overall I got both workouts in but I feel like I should have made the strength workout longer, I was just plain 'ol tired. Han asked me what I was training for when I picked her up. I told her it was for a trail half marathon in October (I emphasized it was AFTER her birthday). She then turned to me and said, "So are you going to finish this one? 'Cause last time you only did one lap." My mouth dropped then clammed shut again. Yup. I did DNF from the last race after 25km, she's got me there. I was just stunned to have this come out of my 7 year old's mouth! But when I think about it, I shouldn't be surprised by her comment. My husband and I tell her to try your best and also try to finish what you start. Since I wasn't hobbling out of the last race, obviously injured (although I did quit because of a very sore hip), she didn't understand why I DNF'd the last race, just that I had quit. I told her that this time, I will finish the whole race. Oh, kids keep you on your toes!

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