Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vibrams and ice don't mix

This past weekend's long run was cut back a bit after the weird leg pains and achy legs had me going a bit slower than usually the last two weeks, so feeling much better and with a warm breeze in the air I decided to head out on my planned 12 miler with my Vibram Sprints on. I took it pretty easy, walking alot of the hills out of fear of re-igniting any hamstring or calf pain, and thankfully none really developed. The streets were covered in melting slush so wet feet were inevitable. I jumped, scrambled and climbed around huge sidewalk puddles, trying not to fall into any of them (or the traffic!). Finally I reached the Dartmouth Commons where I usually enjoy some off road plodding but today the slush was hard packed to the trails. I went up one hill and I saw the downhill covered in ice so I thought I would be more secure on the grass. Not so much. As soon as one foot stepped onto the grass I had a sinking feeling I made a bad call as my foot slid out from under me. I stepped down with my other foot to try and stop myself but gravity took over and I was doing a crazy Roadrunner spiral down the side of a hill. It's funny how many thoughts you can have in the space of a few seconds, especially when trying desperately not to fall on your butt. My first thought: "Oh SH@T!!!" 2nd thought: "Don't fall, don't fall" 3rd thought: "Okay, if I fall I don't want this handheld attached to my wrist, I can't sprain my wrist. Handheld must go." And with that I chucked my handheld (very dramatically) as I tried to cut off any objects that might hurt me if I fall. 4th thought: "Holy crap, am I going to stop anytime soon or should I just fall to make myself stop?" 5th thought: "Maybe if I step down hard..oh I stopped. Whew. Thank god." The of course my next thought was, as I looked back up the hill I just slid down, "where the hell did I chuck my water bottle?!" I still had another 3 miles left to go so I had to shake off my nerves and keep going, although now I was nicely covered in mud and a bit of grass. I managed to finish my not-so long run and met my hubby and daughter for her weekly swimming class (I showered before I interacted with other parents, I swear). Next week I've got a nice 16 miler planned, on my way to build back up to 26 miles before the big May Ultra. I think this week though I'll leave the Vibrams at home ;-)

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