Monday, March 17, 2014

I finally found "My" shoe ;-)

Ever since I began running over 6 years ago (as a regular fitness/adventure thing), I've read tons of shoe reviews. Alot of these shoe testers swear by a particular brand or model that just seems to have been made for their type of feet. Me..not so much. I've been searching for my perfect shoe for 6 years and until this past fall I've had some shoes that I've loved but when it came time to buy a new pair I would try something new for one reason or another. This past weekend was one of my favorite times of year; the "Source for Sports Loonie Sale!" (collective cheer inserted here). This usually means I get a new pair of running shoes since both my husband and I have a problem rationalizing away a good deal...especially on shoes. So I went through the shoe department with near perfect precision (I think I said "no thank you" ten times when offered help-really guys, I've got this), my daughter assuming her standard "shoe waiting mode" with her father's cellphone, half lying down over a chair, while my husband and I try on 6 or 7 pairs of shoes (don't worry my daughter doesn't always get snubbed on these trips, this time though she didn't need new shoes, she has tons..literally). Finally I was down to one New Balance shoe (the 480s) with the one I already owned (but have since destroyed) the NB Ionix 3090v3 (in the D width). The 480s were very cushy and wrapped around my foot but with spring and summer coming I know I need more ventalization, not less, so I stuck with my Ionix 3090s. They aren't the best when it comes to trail running, but when I put on one of those strictly trail shoes I find they are generally too stiff for my feet. So I give up a bit on the grip I can get but I also don't have to suffer blisters, black toe nails and arch pain the way I have had to with other shoes. The best part was watching my husband try on the mens version of the NB Ionix shoes. He was surprised at the lightness of them but also quickly found they had no support for his feet. I was very impressed with the sale clerk, Bright, who cautioned my husband on buying minimal shoes when he is usually running in well cushioned, stiff Saucony shoes. I had to chuckle when my husband nodded his head and rolled his eyes as the clerk sounded like me on one of my "minimalist shoe are really better for your feet, but you have to work up to them" soapbox speeches. He ended up with another pair of his trusted Sauconys. So that was that. We both walked away with new, yet tried and true shoes. Our daughter did end up getting a treat at the sports store for putting up with us, a set of colourful UnderArmour headbands.

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