Friday, February 7, 2014

Wishing for Spring

I know, I know, we are ALL wishing for spring to arrive, but none of us so much I think as my fellow runners. I've tried to embrace the winter and all that it brings; new challenging terrain, the cold temperatures that mean I don't get quite as sweaty, the bad ass feeling you get when you're out on the roads with your baklava on, running in -15 degree weather. Yay..and I've had enough.

I'm dreamin' of clear sidewalks that lead to dirt trails, trees giving cover to the bright sun, not having to split up long runs because of the fear of frost bite and enjoying not wearing four layers of clothes. Is that too much to ask Mother Nature?! Sheesh. It usually is about this time of year that I wonder why I live in this part of the world..and its really for all of the other seasons in the year.

Today is a special day though, but not really for me. Today is the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This time, four years ago, I was honored to be part of the Torch Relay that brought the Olympic torch to Vancouver when we hosted the Winter Games. This time I'm sitting back watching the torchbearers share in that special feeling I know all other torchbearers have when they carry the torch and finally bring it to the opening ceremony. And even though there isn't a running-specific game in the Winter Olympics I still have my favorite sports that I'll be cheering for; skiing, snowboarding and skating. Go Team Canada! I only hope they can survive their accommodations..check out these pictures from our athletes:

No Fishing for our athletes?! And for god's sake can someone explain the last image??

The team that trains together...well this says it all.

And hopefully nobody trips on their way to compete....

Or smells the "grass"!

I mean really Sochi-is it THAT hard to put a toilet together correctly, then give each person their own stall (complete with toilet paper) that asking too much? Really??

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