Friday, October 22, 2010

Up to 50% BF!

With my DH being away in Ohio and me taking care of our daughter here at home I've been slightly restricted with regards to where I can run. Lately my training has been consisting of a 5k walk, downhill in the morning and uphill in the evening pushing a jogging stroller (ugh) to and from daycare, then a ~5k run on the dreadmill in the evenings. Barefoot. It's going great! Yes, my feet were a bit black from the belt the first time (which necessitated me scrubbing the bathtub to remove the stains), but overall it's worked out really well. I think when I finally have some time to visit the indoor track again I'll start doing those runs barefoot too. I might as well keep it up. This week I've managed 20km barefoot so I think I can handle my 8-10k runs on the indoor track.
The funny thing is, when I tell my DH about running barefoot he's totally mystified. He doesn't understand why anyone would run barefoot. And he runs in Vibrams occasionally. He thinks the human foot is ugly, I don't. I've always liked my feet-Morton's Toes and all. So maybe that's the missing link. I don't mind running barefoot because I like the look of my feet.
So two and a half more weeks of this routine and then a whole new routine will begin. I used to be an early morning runner, but now I'll have to compromise on that, unless I'm willing to get up at 4:30am to run. Yikes. I think I can do that once and awhile, but not for every run. For now I'll be happy with this and see what the next few weeks bring.

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