Monday, October 25, 2010

New Barefoot PB!

Saturday my VFFs got a good 30 minute workout on the indoor track at the sportsplex where my daughter takes ballet and swimming. After a week on the treadmill it was really nice to actually move forward when I run. I think I did 4-4.5k on the track, so in my VFFs that's not too bad. I would have preferred to run barefoot but the rink where the track is was so cold I couldn't bear to lose any clothing.
Yesterday I felt a bit stressed between handling my daughter on my own (and therefore sleep deprived), the standard cleaning that needed to be done, a trip to the local market then preparing the house for my sister in-law and her two kids to spend the night. So I decided to jump on the treadmill for a bit of stress relief. I popped in Spirit of the Marathon and off I went. If you've read my previous posts you'd know I've decided that when I run on the treadmill there's no need for any shoes so I go barefoot. After my standard 30 minutes I did a body-systems check and everything felt great so I just kept going. At 45 minutes I stopped, but only because I was concerned I would overdo it if I went for a full hour. But 45 minutes is a new PB time for running barefoot for me! Yay! My feet always feel a little hot after a new time goal is reached, but there are no blisters or sore spots at all. I'm now fantasizing about running my next marathon (the Bluenose this coming May) 50/50 between VFFs and Barefoot. Time will tell. First I have a whole whack of training to do between now and then. But for now things look promising!

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