Friday, July 18, 2014

Shoe Review! Merrell's Mix Master

Okay, okay. I know I had said the NB Ionix shoes were "My" running shoes-they still are! I still have 2 identicial pairs I swear! However, during my family trip to Florida this spring I picked up a pair of Merrell Mix Master shoes because they have a bit more grip and cushion. In the past 3 months I've pretty much worn down the lugs to nothing and am now looking for a new shoe. Would I buy the Mix Master again? Yes..but as an all-around running shoe, not for the significant climbs and muddy terrain that the trail races around here consist of (right Jodi??). The Mix Master is for a minimalist runner looking for a bit more cushion and good grip on regular trails/fire roads. Alternately, they'd make a nice transition shoe for someone looking to go towards a more stripped down/miminalist shoe. Light and quick drying, they fit true to size and right away you'll notice more cushion in the forefoot if you've been running in other minimalist shoes until now. The toe box is roomy (as with most Merrell shoes) and the shoe fits well around the ankle so trail debris doesn't find its way inside very often (a problem with a lot of shoes). My biggest issue is how fast these shoes broke down. I have logged an average of around 25 miles per week (pretty low for me) these past couple of months and they broke down faster than shoes that have had twice the distance put on them. The wear pattern on the lugs is clearly visible now (most are worn down to the base) and I doubt they would offer much stability on a hilly trail in their current condition. So, all in all, I'd give these shoes a 4 out of 5. If they could have held up for another 200 miles I would have sent my Ionix shoes packing. Sadly, they didn't and I'm again searching for that perfectly lugged, minimalist trail shoe that won't beat up my feet on rocky terrain or over long distances. The search continues...:-)
Merrell's Mix Master (I have a blue/purple version)

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