Thursday, July 17, 2014

Finding my Happy Place

Vermont 100/200 Race Course
This week I'm trying to find my "Happy Place" with my running. I am enviously watching a fellow local runner run the Vermont 100 this weekend-thanks to a live feed-GO KARINE!!-from my in-laws' place. Sadly I feel like my own possibilities of ever doing a 100 is a thousand miles away right now, so I'm trying really hard to find peace in what I can (and have time to) do right now. My daily 3-4 milers are nice. I'm never exhausted but while I feel like my speed and that weird ankle numbness have improved with the shorter distance part of me is panicked at the loss of my endurance. Last weekend I went out for a 10 miler and although it was brutally hot, it was also a slog-fest. The first hour was fine but the second was a fartlek of street posts, struggling to get to one and then another. So a few days ago I decided to try and fit in any extra fitness that I could to try and combat my less than awesome endurance feats of late. My first step was a yoga class offered just down the street from where I live. When they said I cold also bring my daughter I was sold. We spent an hour of stretching and meditiating, very relaxing at the time, but the next day I was sore in spots that haven't been sore in a while. That was a nice feeling to have. Yesterday I added a little leg strengthening routine after my 4 miler which really helped me focus on my hamstring muscles (an area of weakness in my legs). So, while I might not be scampering up to some amazing vistas in Vermont, I'm trying to keep it interesting back here at home. Tomorrow I'm set to do my first 10 mile run commute TO work (its always been from work until now), so I'm looking forward to that and am very thankful I now work at a place that has amazing facilities (shower, free body cleansing products, lockers, hairdryers, curling irons, and a kick ass cafeteria). All in all, I'm doing what I can with what I've got. My diet has been pretty good...I'd give it a 90% out of 100, given my late-night sugar cravings and a steady supply of Oreos in the cupboard...who keeps buying those anyhow?! Lol. What are YOU doing to stay active and healthy?
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