Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eat and Run Book Review

This Christmas I received Scott Jurek's Eat & Run novel. I was so excited to read it as I'm a big fan of Scott Jurek and was curious to see what kind of vegan recipes he included and what he might say about the Born to Run phenomenon.
Scott chronicled his life and his running career in his book in an easy, conversational way. At the conclusion of alot of chapters he gives a great recipe or two to try. His family challenges early in life, like most of us, shaped who he would become later on, as a person, a runner and a cook. I found myself laughing aloud and smirking in agreement alot while I read the book. He wrote about his support crew, the highs and lows of races he's run, his motivation for running and to keep running, his love for his Mom and the amazing strength she had. He has had alot of challenges and through it all he persevered, sometimes with the help of others, sometimes through alot of introspection. I remembered back a few years ago a blog post of his that made it sound as if he was giving up running. I know alot of people responded to that blog with words of encouragement, I was one of them. I wondered at the time what was going on for him personally that would lead him to consider quitting the sport, and in his book he discussed that period and how he overcame it.  He spoke about the whole Born to Run celebrity, minimalist running and finding inner peace (although I don't think he exactly calls it that) while running really really long distances. By the end of the book Scott seems to have found a nice balance of running, living life and being an ambassador for our beloved sport.
Thanks Mr. Jurek for writing a great novel, I'll be sure to whip up that guac recipe asap!!

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