Monday, November 19, 2012

The long and the short of it

I committed today. Yup, I signed up and paid to run another 50k race in the spring. Between that and running a race yesterday I feel pretty good about starting off my training in November. I'll hover around 50-60kms between now and the new year then try and crank it up a bit so my legs are ready for the challenges to come at the Wraskally Wrabbit. Oh, and I've taken up a weekly spin class as well, I'm hoping it will help build some much needed quad strength in the coming months and give me some variety from chugging out mile after mile. Some long runs are in my future, but now that I know what I'm in for I hope that I can better prepare myself.
My husband on the other hand has no such aspirations with running. He's said numerous times that a half marathon is his top distance. At the moment he's getting back into shape, trying to keep a streak of running going to help lose a few pounds. I find it kind of interesting that the same recovery I take after a run of 1-2 hours, he does as well after 10 minutes of running :-) I guess the amount of sweat isn't all that different when you think about it, so I guess I can understand his need to soak in the shower..but the hobbling around? hummm ;-) We all have our challenges, mine have just gotten alot longer than his. Besides, he is by far the best pacer I've had and definetly the best company when I'm really struggling through the end of a race. He has gotten exceptional with his encouragement. He doesn't tell me I'm crazy or suggest I stop, he keeps urging me to push hard and leave everything I have out there on the road/trail/track. We may not run the same distances but he's totally spot on when it comes to encouragement and overall support. I'm a lucky gal, and I'll need his and my daughter's support in the coming months.
Happy running.

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