Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shaking off the Heavies

Week one of my 26 week Ultra Training Plan. Here we go again!
Yesterday I ran for 6 miles, out to the local trail and back again with the wunder-dog Spencer. It was a gorgeous day and I was overdressed for the temperature, but a few clothing adjustments made it tolerable. I even managed a bit of a tan with all the sunshine-a tan in November.Yes kiddos, global warming is here. My legs were heavy and sluggish, even when I tried to kick them into gear with some sprints. I know it was from the Insanity workout I did two days prior, I guess I keep assuming that my legs will eventually adapt to the workout and won't leave me feeling like someone poured concrete in them, but no avail. I guess I'll stick to the hill repeats and speed sessions to build leg strength, and keep my indoors workouts for my upper body. In any case later in the day I did an arm and core workout and everything seemed to stretch out pretty well.

This morning I got up, grabbed Spencer and headed out for a 4 mile speed session. My legs were feeling much better since yesterday and I managed to overdress again. What is up with +10 degrees in November? Spencer seems to be a wee bit more paranoid in the dark early morning, he's afraid of other people and yard decorations. If he didn't freeze in the middle of a good sprint I wouldn't mind but I think come winter we might have an issue if I'm going on my merry way and suddenly get yanked backwards because mister is scared of someone's menacing-looking recycling bin!

So, I've got another 4 miler, an 8 miler and a 16 miler (yup, 25kms) to do before Sunday. Given my schedule of family activities between Friday and Sunday I'm going to try and get most of these done before the weekend hits. I've got my running clothes in my bag so I might try and get another 4 miles in before I go to watch my daughter's cheer practice tonight.

The extra running should also help me with my work frustration. I've been trying to leave my work stress at work lately which has ended up following me into my runs right after work, but at least I'm trying hard to keep it out of the home. The new upper management is a "boys club" where the CEO has a bunch of his old buddies and school friends working in key positions. So even if you have a legitimate issue if it doesn't factor into their master plan or work to one of their interests/advantages, forget it. What has resulted is most of the employees that have worked here for the past 10 years resigning. I'm one of two that are left from the original group and its a sad place to be. I've tried to tow the company line, I even wrote a paper about a technological application to a training need by the Air Force, that was recognized by the International Training and Simulation conference but I was told that what I wrote was based on out-dated technology and was discouraged from presenting. I was told to figure out what it would cost the company to send me, and after I did I told them it was significantly more than what they had expected and given the financial situation of the company I could understand if they didn't want me to go based on their perceived cost-to-benefit argument. Now they are saying I chose not to go. WTF? I'm so sick of their games. They are sending a small group to the conference, you guessed it, the CEO and two of his buddies. Yeah, it's really time to move on but there are limited options available unfortunately.

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