Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paying Tribute

Being a former teacher I know the ups and downs of the profession. One of the biggest downsides is losing one of your students. I have lost three students during my time as a teacher. Two were to battles with cancer. The last death though was a horrible accident. A student I had taught during my first years as a teacher slipped off the rocks during a storm at Peggy's Cove and drowned. Thankfully (for his parents) his body was finally recovered after 11 days. He was a happy, kind and spontaneous person. His personality could fill a room. And now his short life, one that was just starting to take off, is ended. I've cried, reflected and emailed condolences to his family and friends. But I need another way to honor his life. So I am going to run 27kms in honor of Stephen. He was 27 this year and running one kilometer for each year of his life seems like the most appropriate way I know to pay tribute to him. I hope somewhere, he knows how much everyone around him loved him and enjoyed having him as part of their lives. Rest in peace Steve.

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