Monday, February 2, 2015

Wait Time Progress-Thanks to My Mom

Well, here I am. Four weeks of no running. I still have most of my sanity...I think. I've been doing my physiotherapy exercises as directed, and a few more if I'm feeling good, and I'm doing P90X pretty regularly. The P90X is giving me a tiny weeny bit of the endorphins I used to get from running so I think that is keeping me sane more than anything. After using crutches now for over 2 weeks I think the extra arm exercises are helping me get around more easily. I can't wait to get a brace and move to a cane-these crutches suck. Oh and I'm also having to be a bit more strict about what I'm eating since I'm not burning 700 calories a day steady any more :-( My pant choices are becoming few and far between! So my awesome mom called me Saturday and offered to pay for a private MRI so I could get back on the roads 100 times faster than if I waited in the public wait queue. So, I called the private clinic to see how long their wait time would be and expected a 3 week wait, nope, they could get me an appointment in a week's time-wait a sec-a single week?! I can't tell you what I difference that makes to my state of mind compared to the "up to" 268 day wait in the public health care system. It isn't that I expect to be back on the trails in a few weeks or anything, no, I know the road to recovery is going to be lengthy with this injury, but knowing what the hell I'm rehabbing for and what the plan (surgery or not) is huge to me. If I've got a plan then I'll work the plan. If I don't have a plan and 4 diagnosis I feel helpless and useless. At least with this I'll know in the next 3 weeks what's wrong and what I'm doing about it...whatever that is. My mom doesn't have a $1000 just kicking around, she works longer hours than most people I know so for her to offer this to me is so huge, such a gift. I cried when she offered, because I was so grateful and because I was angry at myself for being stupid and getting hurt (which she told me to stop, accidents happen, I know they do-but still). So, feeling grateful, I am patiently waiting to see how fast my orthopedic surgeon can get the file to this imaging center and hopefully this week I'll actually have an MRI Appointment set!!!

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