Friday, January 17, 2014

Protein Bar Review! Oh Yeah! Almond Fudge Brownie

As far as protein bars go, this is my all-time favorite. Oh Yeah! bars can be found in two sizes, the half and full bars. Walmart and other smaller pharmacy and grocery stores seem to sell the half size, which is about 170 calories and 15 g of protein. I tend to buy the full sized (85g bars and split them over two days, or if I have a longer run than 6 miles planned I'll eat the whole thing for the 30g of protein.If I have it in the morning it tastes like a real treat with coffee!

The Oh Yeah! Almond Fudge Brownie bar looks and tastes like a real candy bar. This bar is loaded with almond chunks wrapped in chocolate surrounding a delicious brownie center. You should feel down on yourself for having one but you don't because it has no trans fat, is gluten free and (as I said before) its really high in protein. I've found it to be an excellent source of pre-run fuel so I can feel satisfied for my hour + long runs. 

Here is the nutritional info for the full sized bars:

Calories: 350 (I know this sounds like alot, but if I replaces a meal I don't think 350 calories is very much)
Total Fat: 13g
Sodium: 90mg
Potassium: 170mg
Total Carbs: 27g
Fiber: 4g
Protein: 30g
Calcium: 15%

My personal favorite - Almond Fudge Brownie - YUM!!

I give Oh Yeah! protein bars 5 out of 5 stars, now go try one yourself!

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