Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Humming Hamstring

I've managed to strain my hamstring-well one of them. Ugh. Thankfully the first advice I got on how to treat it was NOT to stop running, just take smaller steps. Whew! I feel like I've dodged a bullet in the injury department. My doctor of course spent the first 10 minutes of my appointment going over my latest races, talking about how far I run weekly, shared my disappointment at missing the next couple of big races because of my hubby heading out of town, what my race plans are for next year...I love having a runner-doctor, it really helps me feel like she "gets it." So, of course when I tried to increase my speed over the past few weeks I've also increased my stride length and apparently that can lead to exactly what happened, a strained hamstring. Grrr. I feel like such a rookie. So I've got my phone (yes I run with my phone) programmed with a few podrunner 180 bpm tunes (check out www.podrunner.com) so I can stick to taking tiny steps and live with the fact my running looks closer to Ray Zahab's stride than Ryan Hall's. Ah well, at least I'm running.

I snuck in a run this morning, which was the first early morning run in a loong time, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do it for another week since hubby is heading out of town. Me and my treadmill are about to become besties again. lol. I managed to get stuck in a big downpour-you know the kind where you can barley blink because the rain is pelting your face? Yeah, well I ran for about a half a kilometer with one eye closed it was raining so hard. I stumbled into the gas station and thankfully met a nice attendant who saved my phone by donating a bag to my running cause. Ah, the things you do as a runner :-)

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Anita Rose said...

I hear you. Having a hamstring injury can make you feel like you are just a beginner in running. However, it’s better than forcing yourself to speed up your pace than be sorry in the end. It takes time before it gets back to its normal condition.

Anita Rose @SportsMedOnline.net