Monday, September 30, 2013

The road with no end?

I'm loving the fall temperatures around Nova Scotia. It makes my runs so much more enjoyable, it's not too hot that you feel worn down by the heat alone and not too cold that multiple layers are required. I've been keeping up pretty well with my training plan and have incorporated plyometrics into my routine after reading an interesting article from Outside magazine on the benefits of weight training and plyometrics to runners. So, the temps are good, the training is going pretty well and yet I feel...lost? For the first time in a few years I have NO goal race in the next 6 months. Sure I've looked around, but I know full well that a trip mid winter to the states is not likely to happen and around here all of the big races finish up in the next couple of weeks, which sucks for me since I'll be doing the solo-parent thing right in the middle of those races (my hubby is heading off to a friend's wedding a few provinces away)...thank god I have a treadmill!

I figured my goal would then have to be simply improving my speed until December when I can start my 50k training program again. Then yesterday a friend and I were chatting at our kid's soccer banquet and she mentioned she was doing a half marathon in a few weeks with her running friend. I had totally forgotten about the series and with the cost being only $15.00 it is certainly within my budget. Sure there is no chip timing, no medal and no shirt but it is an organized local trail race and I've even run it before so I have a PB I can try to beat. Yay!

One last thing is the latest addition to the family. Peanut is a Maltese chihuahua mix puppy that's been stealing the whole family's hearts for a couple of weeks now. He's only 13 weeks old and is super shy. I've tried to take him on a run around the block (less than 1/2 a kilometer) but he hasn't quite found his running legs yet. He's got this funny little sideways run that he does so I have to be really careful not to step on the little guy. I don't think he'll be able to run the distances Spencer was able to handle but that's okay. Running with dogs can be fun and give a sense of security (especially in the dark early mornings or out on the trails) but it also can be a bit obligatory when I'm the only source of exercise the dog gets. So far, running a few laps around our backyard seems to tire little Peanut out. Maybe a 5k in a year or so might be possible, but we'll see. Right now its just nice to have a dog back in the house and part of my family's life.

Peanut ~ @ 13 weeks

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