Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Peak Week Training!

OMG!!! I have only 4 weeks (including this one) before the LOU52! This week I've got three weekday runs between 55-75 minutes each and then two lovely 20 milers back to back this weekend. I'm happy the family is staying close to home for this long weekend since I doubt I'd be able to fit both 20 milers in if we were out camping.

This morning's run actually happened. Yup, I got my butt out of bed at 5:30am, grabbed the dog and out we went. Although I was still sweaty I was glad to have the early morning fog to keep me cool-ish for most of the run. I kept it simple; an out and back on pretty flat terrain. When I hit the dirt I found my legs were extra springy so I opened it up and did some strides, all the while trying to keep Spencer from darting in front of me. Spencer had some serious animal magnetism this morning. He managed to scare a cat that immediately wanted revenge and stealthily followed us for two blocks before we finally left his territory, there was something in the woods that Spencer seemed quite concerned about so I figured it must be bigger than a bird, we (of course) encountered lots of other dogs out for their morning walks which always sends Spencer into a frenzy, then back into that darn cat's territory where he followed us all the way home-lol. My training run and dog run accomplished before 6:30am...check! I totally need to do these more often, now I've got an hour at the end of my day to cross train-yes!

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