Friday, April 12, 2013

Can Trail Running Develop into an Unhealthy Addiction?

This month's blog symposium topic from is: Can Trail Running Develop into an Unhealthy Addiction?

I think its funny they chose to add "trail" to the question since I firmly believe that, yes, running can turn into an unhealthy addiction. Lots of runners have replaced other addictions, drugs, alcohol, etc. with running and call running their "healthy addiction." I think trail runners like to think of themselves as slightly different from your standard road runner, a bit more healthy perhaps because we run and train in the wilderness, not in smog infested streets. Trails give us a feeling of separating ourselves from society; no stop lights, cars beeping, fast food smells beside that chipmunk! How long that separation from society lasts, from family and friends, depends on the runner. I think that any activity that starts to negatively affect any other aspect of your life, be that your family, friendships, job or health can become unhealthy if the runner doesn't find that magical balance. It isn't easy, but if we nurture each aspect of our lives we can strive for that balance, as trail runner Scott Dunlap said: "Life has many facets, and each of them can be tapped into for positive energy... What's most important is to understand every part of your life where passion gives you energy and optimism, and make sure you get regular feedings." 

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