Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Day of Interesting Studies

My mother would probably say that the universe is trying to tell me something when I have days like this. She's probably right (as she usually is). This past weekend I found out my FIL's diabetes has developed to the point where he now needs to take daily insulin. His passive attitude over the whole thing is what really frustrates my husband and I. In the past 5 years I've watched various men in my professional and personal life go through living hell when their diabetes takes this turn. One continued to do nothing to change his lifestyle when he was put on insulin for his diabetes and is now adjusting to life as an amputee, having one of his feet cut off due to poor circulation. A second slipped into a coma-while driving in morning rush hour traffic-and crashed his car. Luckily he survived (no one else was hurt thank goodness) and has taken drastic nutritional adjustments to deal with his insulin-dependent diabetes status. And then, of course, there is my own inactive, but workaholic father who just last month underwent his second eye laser treatment to try and save his eyesight in both eyes. All three of these men are examples of what can happen when you don't pay attention to your health.
So last night I got an email from the Heart and Stroke Foundation giving me a preview of the new commercial they are to air on tv. They state that in Canada, over half of elderly adults will send their last 10 years in a state of illness or injury. The video (link below) shows us we have a choice. We can be victims to our own poor health and frailty, resulting in a very sad last 10 years, or we can take control of our health, and by simply getting out and eating healthy you can enjoy your last 10. The choice truly is up to us. The most poignant image on the video for me was the side by side of the pill case and the fishing tackle box. I recalled a few weeks ago my FIL proudly showing me how organized his pills were in a huge pill container, and he was someone, who during his fight with cancer a few years ago (he is now in remission) desired nothing more than to go fishing with his grand kids  I was close to tears. Very powerful stuff Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Today I've had a few minutes to do some online reading and have encountered a bunch of interesting studies on ultra-runners (Yup-the gig is up, we're "different" from non-runners and can withstand pain better), how middle-aged fitness results in lower instances of dementia later in life (so now I can say running not only keeps my muscles healthy but my brain too) and finally an "in your face!" article that dispels the myth that running over time results in higher instances of hip replacements. Now if they could just do a study on the long term effects of running on the knee bones/instances of knee replacements in runners vs. non-runners, I would probably take out an ad in the newspaper to advertise to everyone who constantly makes that judgement on runners ruining their knees. So what do all of these studies have in common? Get up, and move, move often and not only will you live longer, you'll do it with all your marbles in tact and with stronger hip bones. Make YOUR Health Last.


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