Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So far, so good

There are less than 12 weeks to the Bluenose Marathon and *knock on wood* my feet seem to be holding up really well in my VFFs. I'm now officially on my second generation of VFFs, this time going with the real-deal. I gotta say though the seam thing I heard about is a pain in the butt. I've managed to get two tiny blisters when I've run without socks. Today I tried taping the spots before wearing the VFFs and it worked perfectly.
So this weekend is a 25km long run. Last week I did 20 and it went really well. The bottom of my forefoot was a bit tender but not as bad as I expected. Other than that mild soreness under my feet, my legs and back felt great and I had alot more energy than the previous week. My training plan has me running the 25km at a 7:10 per km pace. With my 180bpm podrunner tunes I think I can manage it. I've noticed that my legs have gotten used to the fast cadence, its when I try to extend my stride that I find I can go a bit faster, but it also tires me out faster as well. If I take short little steps I go about 10 sec per km slower but I feel like I could run forever.
So, since the training's been going well I guess its time to actually register for the race! *Gulp*

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