Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Road Rash

Today I started my half marathon training for the Middleton Half Marathon on November 7th. My goal is to break 2:15, but my secret goal is to hit closer to 2:05. Today's run was supposed to be a steady 5 miler at 6:45 per/km pace. Well..it didn't go quite as planned. From the start things looked promising. I had remembered to charge my iPod, set my Garmin, all my clothes were ready, check, check, check. Off I went down the dark morning streets, pitter pattering away in my Vibrams. I didn't quite hit that 6:45 pace I was hoping for, but I did manage a steady 7:00.

As I was coming up to the last 4km I saw two fluffy, black puppies, extremely happy to be out and about with their owner, coming towards me. I've been bitten by dogs before, had a few close calls lately with dogs wanting to jump on me, so I was thinking about how best to navigate around these hyper pups when..blam! I see the pavement rushing towards me in time to stick my palms out to save my face and/or shoulders from hitting the sidewalk. I tripped. Big time. I turned over and sat on my butt to assess the damage. Remarkably though I did have the presence of mind to pause my Garmin. A couple of tiny pebbles stuck in my hands, my whole left leg was throbbing and turning an interesting shade of red (which I'm sure will be purple later) and my right knee, which took most of the force I think, has a huge patch of road rash. Lovely. I consoled myself with the fact there was hardly anyone around and got back up. A few painful steps and off I went again. I got a few curious looks from people as I finished my run with blood coming down one leg, but I was determined (or crazy) to finish my run.

I have to admit it's not the first time I've had an intimate encounter with the sidewalk, I'm just glad I could still finish my run despite my clumsiness. So today's run, check; as for my legs...well I'm sitting with an ice pack on my road rashed knee but I'm sure I'll be good to go tomorrow. And who said running wasn't an impact sport!?

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